Marcel Breuer (Hungary 1902-1981)

B56 Stool chromed metal and woven cane seat.

Designed 1928 Manufactured by Thonet 1930s.

Marcel Breuer known for his association with the Bauhaus designed some of the most iconic chromed tubular metal furniture in the c20th. He was one of the masters of modernism. This stool is a compacted essay in space and material. Although its Thonet badge is now missing the remains of the pin can be seen impressed in the side.


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A. v. Vegesack, Deutsche Stahlrohrmöbel. 650 Modelle aus Katalogen von 1927–1958, Munich, 1986, p. 78




Mart Stam (Netherlands, 1899-1986)

B263 Chrome-plated steel and plywood chair

Designed: 1930-31

Production: Thonet, Frankenberg (Pre-1935)

The Dutch modernist architect, urban planner and furniture designer Mart Stam’s career intersects with important moments in the history of 20th-century European architecture, including chair design at the Bauhaus, the Weissenhof Estate, The Van Nelle Factory, buildings for  Ernst May’s Frankfurt housing project, then to Russia with the idealistic May Brigade, to postwar reconstruction in Germany. His style of design has been classified as new Objectivity, an art movement formed during the depression in 1920’s Germany, as a counter-movement and an out growth of Expressionism.

This B263 cantilever chair retains its black surface.To the back is the small Thonet metal badge.

Literature: Deutsche Stahlrohrmöbel, p. 115; Mart Stam, p.8; Thonet Stahlrohrmöbel, p.15 (Variation).

78 x 44 x 45 cm


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Gebrüder Thonet – Daybed. Model No. 1/9701

A very rare Austrian daybed circa 1885. An identical one is in the collection of Die Neue Sammlung, Munich.

Thonet were and still are the ultimate pioneering company manufacturing modernist furniture in the world. Gebrüder Thonet were particularly known for their manufacture of bentwood furniture, for which they had developed the first industrial-scale production processes using steam to bend the wood. They also led the way when it came to modular component parts, flat-packing furniture enabled them to export goods more easily worldwide.

This daybed demonstrates the best of Thonet – An elegant bentwood birch frame with inset cane panels. The angle of the back rest can be positioned with the use of an ingenious ratchet mechanism secured with rods; the whole raised on turned legs.

190cm x 67cm x 90cm


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Marcel Breuer (Hungarian, 1902-1981)

B10 table for Thonet.

A modernist table composed of an eight section chrome plated frame supporting a wooden table top. Designed in 1927 this is an early production circa 1930s (although the top has been restored at some point) The colour is a very pale blue/green. There is no Thonet company badge/label.

67 x 74 x 74 cm


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