Hein Stolle (Netherlands, 1924-2006)

Small ‘Stolwijk’ table for ‘t Spectrum 1954-55

Original grey painted plywood and steel rod.

In the reconstruction period after the second world war, the Dutch architect and furniture designer Hein Stolle experimented with new materials and techniques for the cost effective mass-production of furniture. As a furniture designer, Stolle was a member of Groep & (which comprised Wim den Boon, Hein Stolle and Pierre Kleykamp, 1946-1950). In the early 1950s Stolle designed furniture for the distinguished department stores de Bijenkorf and Metz & Co, often in cooperation with Martin Visser. And in the 1950s and ‘60s he also designed various pieces of furniture for furniture factory ’t Spectrum.

This model (Stolwijk) was only produced for a very limited period in the mid-50s


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Elmar Berkovich (1897-1968)                             p1150104beek-side-table-by-elmar-berkovich-for-t-spectrum-1950s-12


‘Groesbeek’ steel and plywood table. 1950s

Elmar Berkovich was born in Budapest but during his early twenties fled to The Netherlands. There he became a highly valued and productive Dutch interior and furniture designer, designing furniture for Metz & Co throughout the 1930s, and later after 1947, for the Philips factories in Eindhoven and for ‘t Spectrum furniture company.

The modern movement was well underway in The Netherlands when Berkovich arrived and later it was Berkovich who was largely responsible for introducing innovative designs by modernists like Rietveld, Breuer, Huszar and van der leck (among others) to the Metz & Co. store.

In the 1960s retrospective exhibitions of his work in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (1962) and later in Eindhoven (1963) in the Van Abbemuseum.

This Berkovich designed table is named the ‘Groesbeek’ side table. It was manufactured as a very limited edition by the ‘t Sprectrum company in the 1950s. It is totally original and in very good condition. The smaller image shows another table (variation) available named the ‘Beek’ table.


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Hein Stolle (Netherlands, 1924-2006)

Armchair 1948

The Dutch architect Hein Stolle alongside Wim De Boon and Pierre Kleykamp formed the ‘Group&’ in the period shortly after WWII as part of the Dutch ‘Goed Wonen’ (Good living) movement. They focused on designing purist interior furniture and design that echoed the spirit of 1930s functionalist design but made available to a wider audience.The use of softer woods and natural materials was possibly influenced by French designers like Charlotte Perriand.

Extremely rare (1 of only a few made) armchair with adjustable back produced for De Bijenkorf 1948 by the Dutch company  ‘t Spectrum.

Pine frame with rattan seat and back.


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