Jan de Jong (1917-2001) & Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991)

High back chair, 1967

Original olive green stained oak wood, brown leather with galvanised steel base and copper nails.

Jan de Jong (1917-2001) was a talented craftsman-architect and student of the monk Dom Hans v.d. Laan and it is claimed that in many way he surpassed his mentor. In the late 1950s the two men worked closely together in the Reconstruction Period after WWII to create a body of work as part of the construction of the churches in the style of the Bossche School. Jan de Jong was able to translate many of Dom Hans v.d.Laan’s concepts and ideas into other public and private pioneering buildings and spaces.

This exceptionally rare and early designed chair by Jan de Jong was made for the members of the city (counsel) of Budel in The Netherlands. De Jong designed the town hall and its furniture as a ‘gesamtwerk’ (a complete relational work based on hermetic planning). The chair is in superb original condition.



website: http://www.merzbau.vpweb.co.uk


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