Coen De Vries (Netherlands, 1918-)

Sewing/storage box, Tetex, Netherlands.1950s

In the vein of autonomous maker-designers like Gerrit Rietveld, Coen De Vries was one of the first Dutch interior architects to sell and produce their own designs.  He began in 1947 with his shop “De Sleutel” (The Key) in Amsterdam. At ‘The Key’ he was able to retail designs by himself alongside those of other modernist designers whose designs focussed on lightwood furniture with simple construction. At the shop their sober and simple designs were often set off alongside brightly coloured fabrics.

This plywood and steel storage box encapsulates those of the Dutch post war ‘Goed Wonen’ (good living) foundation whose goal was to create good, practical, modern and aesthetically pleasing furniture at an affordable prices.

Sewing box documented in Goed Wonen, 1950s/60s

The box is composed of double-sided hinged lids that opens to reveal a sectioned interior (removable). It retains its original blue and off-white paint. Tetex produced the design in a range of colours: Red, white, yellow, blue and black. The legs were either in white or grey.



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