Dom Hans van der Laan (Netherlands, 1904-1991)

Pew/ Settle, 1950s

Oak wood and steel square ended nails

Dom Hans van der Laan was a Dutch Benedictine monk and architect. He was a leading figure in the Dutch ‘Bossche School’. His theories on numerical ratios in architecture dealing with the plastic number, ideal size and relationship systems, were very influential.

Dom Hans van der Laan worked on many projects during the ‘Reconstruction Period’ after WWII to create a body of work. The architect and student of Dom Hans v.d. Laan, Jan de Jong, was able to translate many of his concepts and ideas into pioneering buildings and spaces prior to the late 1960s when many of the churches and religious institutions began to close down.

This oak pew or settle is a very early example of the designs by Dom Hans van der Laan. It came out of the Sint Stanislas chapel, build in 1955/56 in the city of Leiden. (building by Jan van der Laan, brother of Hans). The chapel was refurbished in the 1980s/90s at which time the pew was removed. It is totally original and has a superb warm patina.



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