Willem Penaat (Netherlands, 1875-1957)

Cupboard, Metz & Co, 1930s

Small modernist bedside cupboard unit with glass top and metal handles.

Willem Penaat was a Dutch interior and furniture designer. During his life he set up several ventures including furniture workshops, studio residences and Craft and Industry associations.From 1923 to about 1950 Penaat worked in Amsterdam and The Hague as an interior designer for Metz & Co. Alongside  Berlage, Jac van den Bosch and de Bazel, Penaat designed simple furniture with a clear structure and modernist sensibility. His furniture always has an endearing quality that comes from his sense of scale.

this small cupboard unit was most likely designed for and supplied by Metz & Co. in the 1930s. It has been sympathetically restored.



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