Rudolf Wolf (Netherlands, 1919-1989)

Steel and wire glass with plastic handles.

Rudolf Wolf was one of the most important industrial designers of a group of post war Dutch designers that included Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld. Wolf studied architectural and graphic design, after which he went to work on the lighting division of Philips, before going freelance in 1948. Wolf only designed furniture for a period of 15 years, before devoting himself to being an artist making paintings and objects made of steel, aluminium and plexiglass.

In 1955 Rudolf Wolf designed a series of metal furniture for the Dutch manufacturer Elsrijk using innovative approaches to welding. The designs demonstrated the influence of earlier De Stijl, Dutch modernists in their sober and strict functionality. This cabinet is an extremely rare example of his designs of that period and is one of only a very few that we have seen.


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